Email Marketing - Opt out

All emails must have the ability to opted out and/or unsubscribe from your mailing list.  This can be achieved by either a direct link to an opt out URL, or by a reply service.  Either way the instructions on how to opt out must be clear and visible on every email.

One-Click Unsubscription

If you want to grow your mailing list, then there are two things that you absolutely must have: a double opt-in process, and a quick way to unsubscribe. In some countries, it’s actually mandatory by law that every email has an unsubscribe link in it. The unsubscribe link should take the recipient directly to a page where they are then removed from your mailing list.

Signup Confirmation

Don’t get accused of spamming always use a double opt-in confirmation process. Double opt-in means that after your visitor initially enters their email address to subscribe to your list, you should then send them a “confirmation” email. This email should contain a special link back to your email marketing program, which will then verify that this visitor did indeed sign up to your mailing list.

When asking people to subscribe to your list always have a clear statement of use, detailing what they are subscribing to and the option for them to not allow you to pass on those details to a third party.

It is common practice to not have a consent box already ticked.

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