Email Marketing - Sending your email

I have often been asked, "when is the best time to send an email?"

Studies conducted by online research analysts looking at a Monday-Friday working week have shown that the best days to perform a mail-out to your list are Tuesday and Wednesday, as this is when people are more receptive to communication. This means that they are more likely to read your content and click on links, meaning more sales.

If however we look at the entire 7 day week we can see from the graph below that the weekend demonstrates a much better click through rate on an email campaign. This is because the volume of email sent over the weekend is considerably less and therefore there is more likelihood your email will be read and clicked on.

Mondays people are still recovering from a hectic weekend, likewise Fridays people are either too busy getting their desks tidy or have already gone into wind down mode ready for the weekend.

So now we know the best time to email someone, however we also want to avoid the times the spammers send their unsolicited emails to avoid getting lost in the pile of messages. Spamming trends suggest that spam volumes peek on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon.

Also take note of seasonal holidays (Easter, Thanks giving, Christmas, etc.). It is pointless trying to send an email to someone who is away, only for them to return to a mailbox full of email and your email gets deleted en-mass with the rest. It is best to target the sending of the email when the person is most likely going to be sitting at their desk.

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