Email Marketing - Regular communications

Communicate regularly: It’s scary how many businesses think they should only send email marketing once a quarter. Ironically, the more infrequently you communicate with customers, the more likely they are to mark your email as spam. Send email marketing at least monthly, and ideally weekly. Your customers will soon tell you if you are emailing them too often.

Your emails could include but not limited to :

  • Good news stories
  • Stories with links to your site
  • Stories with links to good qualified external sites, but remember to add a disclaimer because you’re not responsible for their content.  For that reason I'd recommend only using good, quality and verified sites for linking to.  So many users get infected with malware from email marketing because the click thru lick has been compromised. Don't let it happen to your email campaign.
  • Customer and business case studies
  • Technical solutions
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hints and Tips
  • Summary email of what's happened in your area of business of the time frame of the last email, which links to the full articles.

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